RJD Associates (North West) Limited have been appointed as CDM Principal Designer on a residential development project involving the construction of 37no dwelling houses with associated external and infrastructure works. The dwellings will be two storey structures with trussed rafter pitched roofs over, Plots 1-4, 5-6, 7-9, 20-23, 24-27, 28-30 & 31-37 will be 2 bed 4 person dwellings, and Plots 10-15 & 16-19 will be 3 bed 5 person dwellings. The scope of works includes site clearance and establishment works, remediation works, constructing vehicular site entrances off Grange Street and Hawthorn Street, constructing site access roads and vehicular turning areas, constructing driveways and forming garden areas, forming hard and soft landscaped areas, constructing foul and surface water drainage systems and installing mains services.

The site is approximately 0.8 hectares in size and is located on a parcel of land between the junction of Waterloo Road and Hawthorn Street to the north and Waterloo Road and Grange Street to the south. The site was formerly occupied by a pottery factory that was vacated in 2004 before an arson attack in 2009 led to the buildings (apart from a kiln) being demolished to slab. Masonry material had been left on site mixed with general waste and Asbestos Containing Materials. Following the purchase of the site the kiln structure was demolished and all stockpiles were processed, with hand-picking and off-site disposal of putrescible materials and ACMs. Ground levels within the northwest, central and southeast section of the site are relatively flat in conjunction with the existing slab level. The slab steps down in the northwest corner of the site, adjacent to the junction of Waterloo Road and Hawthorn Street, there is also a difference in levels in the northeast section of the site, which is accommodated by a battered embankment of crushed materials.

Key health and safety considerations on this project include managing the overlap and associated interfaces between the construction site and adjacent residential and commercial properties and the nearby Community Health Centre, traffic management, temporary works, carrying out construction works adjacent to the northwest boundary with Waterloo Road and Hawthorn Street, restricted working space within the site demise, proximity of adjacent structures and preventing unauthorized access to the construction site. RJD Associates look forward to working alongside the project team to ensure a successful delivery of the scheme.