The appointment of a Principal Designer is required on all projects involving more than one contractor.

In accordance with CDM Regulation 5(1)(a), on a construction project involving more than one contactor the Client must appoint the CDM duty holder referred to as the Principal Designer, who has the overarching duty to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety matters during the pre-construction phase.

The pre-construction phase is defined to include not only the work before construction starts but any design work carried out during the construction phase, and on the majority of projects this will overlap with the construction phase, in some cases through to the later stages of the project. The control referred to in Regulation 5(1) relates to health and safety matters only, as CDM 2015 applies to the management of health, safety and welfare when undertaking construction projects, and not the running of the project generally, or for any other purpose.

Overview of Our Methodology

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    As an established construction health and safety risk management consultancy RJD Associates (North West) Limited have a track record of successfully delivering pre-construction health and safety coordination services since the implementation of the CDM Regulations, and since the implementation of CDM 2015 we have provided CDM Principal Designer services on a wide range of projects within the construction industry including multi-occupancy residential and student accommodation buildings, industrial developments, large scale residential developments, conversions of existing buildings for resident and commercial uses, drive-thru and high street fast food restaurants and coffee shops, and refurbishment and image enhancements.

    For further information on some of the projects we have provided Principal Designer services on please refer to our projects page and for a more detailed overview of our methodology for delivering Principal Designer services please click here