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RJD Associates (North West) Limited are members of The Association for Project Safety (APS). The APS website has further detailed information on CDM 2015 and construction health and safety risk management, which can be viewed at

CDM 2015
The CDM Regulations aim to make health and safety an essential and integral part of the planning and management of construction projects. They place statutory responsibilities on the project duty holders to consider their approach to health and safety, and then to co-ordinate and manage the health and safety requirements effectively throughout all stages of a construction project e.g. from the initial concept design through to the completion of works on site.

CDM 2015 came into force on the 6thApril 2015, replacing CDM 2007. The principal changes to the Regulations were:

  • Strengthening of Client duties
  • Introduction of Domestic Clients
  • Removal of the CDM Coordinator role
  • Creation of the new role of Principal Designer who is responsible for the planning, managing, monitoring and co-ordination of health and safety during the pre-construction phase
  • Requirement for a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor on all projects where there will be more than one contractor working on the project
  • Replacement of explicit requirement for duty holder competence with the need for appropriate skills, knowledge, experience and training
  • Change to the HSE’s notification threshold

As CDM Coordinators under CDM 2007 we were the key advisor to our Clients on matters relating to construction health and safety and risk management. CDM 2015 has removed the role of the CDM Coordinator, effectively splitting their former duties between the Client, the Principal Contractor and the Principal Designer, who is responsible for planning, monitoring and managing matters relating to health and safety during the pre-construction phase. It is our firm belief that the skills, knowledge, training and experience that RJD Associates (North West) Limited have developed in construction health and safety risk management since the initial implementation of the CDM Regulations 23 years ago means that we are well placed to provide Principal Designer services, in conjunction with 25 years of experience as architectural designers on a wide range of industrial, commercial, residential and refurbishment projects.

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