RJD Associates (North West) Limited have been appointed as Principal Designer on a residential development project that involves the construction of 79 no dwelling houses and associated enabling, infrastructure and external works. The scope of works also includes demolishing a semi-detached residential property in order to form a new site access road, and following the demolition works rebuilding the gable wall of the adjoining property.

The site covers an area of approximately 2.71 hectares and comprises a grass field and sparsely distributed mature trees, which is currently used as recreational land for the surrounding houses. The site boundaries are enclosed by residential properties that are situated on Harrison Drive to the west, Birtwistle Avenue to the north, Slater Avenue to the east and Tennyson Road to the south. Harrison Drive forms a junction with the A6068 Vivary Way/North Valley Road at its southern extent, beyond which is Colne town centre. Ground levels slope southwards across the site with the northern third of the site dipping southwards between 5° and 15°.

Key health and safety considerations on this project include managing the overlap and associated interfaces between the construction site and adjacent residential properties, temporary works, demolition works, earthworks, contact with live services, fire safety, preventing unauthorized access to the construction site and traffic management. RJD Associates look forward to working alongside the project team to ensure a successful delivery of the scheme.