RJD Associates (North West) Limited have been appointed as CDM Principal Designer by Alden Green Limited on a project involving the construction of 3no Use Class B2/B8 industrial units with associated external works. The 3no units vary in size, there will be a large unit approximately 3608m² in size and two smaller units, noted as Units A & B, which will be 756m² and 510m² respectively. The scope of works will be phased, comprising site clearance and enabling works, constructing Units A & B, constructing access roads, car parking and associated landscaping, constructing foul and surface water drainage systems, installing mains services and then constructing the larger unit.

The site is located off New Hall Hey Road in Rawtenstall and is situated to the southeast of the A682. The site is approximately 1.9ha in size and is a vacant plot of land comprising a mixture of bare and stoned-up ground, broad-leaved plantation, marshy grassland and scattered trees. Ground levels across the east section of the site where the new units will be constructed are generally level, with a slight fall to the south and a rise in levels to the north and west. The site is situated within a mixed-use area on the western outskirts of Rawtenstall and the adjacent land uses are a mixture of office, leisure and retail. Key health and safety issues on this project include identifying existing mains services within the site demise, managing the overlap between the construction site and the adjacent land uses directly to the south of the site demise, preventing unauthorized access to the construction site and traffic management, particularly on any public highways shared with the adjacent uses.