RJD Associates (North West) Limited have been appointed as Principal Designer on a development project that project involves constructing a link road between Greenbank Terrace and Milking Lane in Lower Darwen, with the scope of works including:

  • Bulk earthworks including site clearance, topsoil, cut and fill and contouring the existing site levels for the new road construction and for future developments.
  • Constructing the link road, associated kerbing, footpaths, signage etc. along with associated line markings and street lighting.
  • Constructing new foul and surface water drainage systems to facilitate future developments and the link road including storage basin and drainage channel.
  • Installing builders works in connection with services installations to enable main service connections on future plot developments.

The site comprises an irregular shaped area of vacant land that is overgrown with vegetation and is essentially split into two distinct development areas, with Area 1 located south of Milking Lane and Area 2 is east of Greenbank Terrace. Area 1 is topographically elevated above Area 2 with two main access points on Milking Lane. There is a watercourse noted as Davy Field Brook passing through the centre of site within a valley feature and drops from approximately 129m AOD near Milking Lane to 123m AOD adjacent to the Area 2 boundary. The slopes from the stream are steep and approximately elevated from125m AOD to 135m AOD.

Several areas are terraced and allow access for machinery, with other areas showing signs of ground movement, principally associated with meanders and erosional features of the watercourse. A section of Area 2 was formerly occupied by Lower Darwen Paper Mill that was demolished at some point between 1990 – 2002, and then by two speculative office buildings that were constructed circa 2008 and then subsequently demolished by other parties prior to this project commencing.

Key health and safety considerations on this project include contact with live services, historic foundations, below ground contamination and made ground, earthworks, slope stability, preventing unauthorized access to the construction site and traffic management, with due consideration also given to COVID-19 and the associated health and safety management requirements. As always RJD Associates look forward to working alongside the project team to ensure a successful delivery of the scheme.