woodfieldrd-2RJD Associates (North West) Limited are currently providing Client and Principal Designer CDM Advisor services on a site at Woodfield Road in Altringham, that was partially constructed in conjunction with the adjacent residential apartment development. This project involves the design and construction of a residential development comprising 9no townhouses and 32no apartments, which are being constructed in two blocks of 16no apartments. The new structures are being constructed off an existing concrete deck with a basement area below, which will form a car park on completion of the works.

Key health and safety issues on this project include managing the overlap between the construction site and the adjacent residential and commercial properties, restricted working space within the construction site demise and traffic management. of the existing road network deliveries to the construction site are made via Woodfield Road to a laydown area the front of the site, and the basement area which is accessed from the rear is being utilized as the site compound, where site welfare, storage and office facilities are located. A crane has been used to erect the new buildings, with an exclusion zone formed within the basement below the crane to prevent persons entering the area beneath the crane.

woodfieldrd-5The scope of works also involved hydro-demolition to form openings in the existing concrete deck slab, acoustic barriers were erected prior to this work being undertaken and sound tests were carried out to determine decibel levels within the basement area, in order to determine any locations where ear defenders were required.

The project is due for completion in the New Year and we will post further updates in due course. More information on the development can be viewed here: http://www.laneend.org/woodfield-road-altringham/

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