RJD Associates (North West) Limited have been appointed as Principal Designer on an industrial development that involves constructing a new depot for Craven District Council’s refuse and waste department along with constructing 2no blocks of business units. This includes demolishing an existing depot building within the west section of the site ahead of constructing the replacement depot that will have a floor area of approximately 534m², with the existing vehicle workshop in the east section of the site remaining in situ to allow for continuous operation until the new depot building is completed.

The existing workshop building will then be demolished, and the 2no blocks of business units will be constructed, with the units having floor areas of 453m² and 389m² respectively.

The north boundary of the site adjoins a railway line so a key health and safety consideration on this project is managing the interface between the demolition and construction works and this boundary, to ensure that mechanical plant and cranage will not impact railway infrastructure.

Other key considerations are managing any potential interfaces between demolition and construction works and the existing undertakings at the site, temporary works, earthworks, contact with live services, fire safety, preventing unauthorized access to the construction site and traffic management, with due consideration also given to COVID-19 and the associated health and safety management requirements. RJD Associates look forward to working alongside the project team to ensure a successful delivery of the scheme.